After I drop my boyfriend to his place and I was alone again, feeling to tired so I went to take my  “before bed” shower, and, like usual, I hadn’t dried off. I laid in bed, take my phone and look at his picture that I take and look at it, I remembered everything we did, and it makes me wants to kiss him again. I kiss my phone which I set his photo as my lock screen and the cool air from the AC rushing over my bare naked body. My skin began to get cold, goosebumps were everywhere, I feels like he was next to me, my cock was in a direct path of the air. My balls scrunched up nearer to my body, oh how I was going to love pulling them back down, my cock, at first, started to do the same, but was now getting stiff with every dirty thought that pulsed through my mind… I love the feeling of cold air hitting my skin and it turns me on, a lot… And in a desperate craze of hormones and desires, I decided to masturbate, I grabbed my cock, my cold hands made it twitch and retract. But as soon as I began to stroke it, it popped back to life…As my one hand worked on my cock, stroking down to the shaft, being sure to catch the head along the way, my other hand took hold of my balls and began massaging and tugging at them. Within minutes, my hands had my balls to their original low hanging state, and I was ready to go deep… as I began to suck on my fingers my cock twitched, almost like it knew what was coming. When I was ready, I trailed my finger down my nipples, past my throbbing cock, and right into my ass. As soon as my finger popped in, my body twitched and I inserted a second finger and banged away. I felt pleasure like no other, and grabbing my dick with my other hand. I jerked off hard. I could feel my bed smacking against the wall, I only hoped that no one would hear and care. As my ass pounding hand grew tired, I could feel the surge coming  my cum came spurting out my whole body was covered in semen. While I lay in bed, I realized I forgot to close my window in my room and  my neighbor who happens to be a girl was watching me then suddenly my phone ringing, it was my boyfriend, he tells me he loves me and he misses me and he can’t wait to see me again. I was extremely happy to hear him say that


Favorite Bl stories

I have read quite a lot of Bl, yaoi story but my favorite and the best one for me is “Story of Sky- bl fantasy” it takes me to the other world while I read it. It makes me feel I am part of it like I am watching it. I like all the characters in the novel. I will like to tell you my friends who love yaoi as much as I am that you can read it in wattpad which is easier and its is available in wordpress as well here is the link 

Story of Sky- bl fantasy


I think you’d like this story: “Styx: The River of Hate [malexmale]” by rotXinXpieces on Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/bIE60HF5mF

Tell me what is your favorite yaoi story I will love to check them out.


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My Japanese butler, who has served us now for more than 23years comes to wake me up, he told me it’s already 7:30 am “It’s time to wake up ” but I feel lazy and still desires to sleep, he keeps the alarm in my ear make sure I wake up when it ring. He knows I detest it when he does this. He smiles at me in a polite fashion,  I love him like he is part of my family member. He spent most of his time with us than his folk.
One evening I see him video call his nephew, his nephew sings his birthday song for his 50th birthday  I ask him I wants to converge and talk to his nephew he is interesting. We both greeted to each other his first words that come from his lips “you’re beautiful”  I have heard this  a lot, but hearing this with an old man next to me makes me feel awkward I bite my lower lips in embarrassing, he says again “you are  sexier and beautiful than a young gentlewoman here in Japan.” My cheek turned red like tomato. My butler scolded him. He simply laughed and saying more I am not making fun he is too beautiful to be a boy. He asked me if it was ok for him to come to my mansion to visit his uncle. I said to him I will let him come alone if he told me what his name. He smiles and said to me  “I am sorry I forget to acquaint myself to you because you are too beautiful… I am Natsuke”

Two weeks after he comes to Seoul to visit his uncle. I was running with my dog and he  was barking at someone, I look up to see who was it “NATSUKE!!”

He waved his hand at me and yelled out ” Hello Jin!” with his bright smile at me. I can’t quit smiling at him and I open the gate and let him inside ” I am about to call my uncle and saw you taking out your dog,”  he was  embarrassing as his ears and cheeks too turns red. I smile and told him “you look like a clown,”  he stated to me “really?” and he told me “you’re not beautiful. ” I don’t  like it when he told me that, but I simply pretend like I don’t care. I guide him to my house and left him with his uncle.

Till evening when I return back he is still in my house and he is about to exit. I called for him to wait, don’t leave yet, have dinner with us. He accepted,  we chatter about so many things,  I took him to my room. I like him a lot, he makes me grin and I realized he was  so different from me the way he speaks and he curses a lot its like his habits. He keeps apologizing to me again and again every time he used bad words and I told him I don’t mind you can be yourself I like you the way you are. But I told him to observe his words and action near my parents and my brother.

My parents and my  brother were going for business trips in Europe and later to Singapore and India I was the only master in the household. I asked Nastuke to come and stay with me for a few days. I led him to my friends’ place and introduced him to them.

I inquired my friend will they like to travel  to Jiju Island. To show Natsuke around. They agreed and the next morning we take flight to Jeju Island

We stay in Miracle Guest houses . We start for sightseeing and climb the volcanic shied In the evening we carry  a fishing rod not for real fishing but just for fun.

While coming back from our exhausted trip,  I asked Nasuke let play prank on Lucang and Katsumi. Let’s play a prank on them. We will  scare them.

While  having our dinner, he suddenly becomes weird and talk in a language we didn’t understand as if he was posses by an evil spirit, I too was scared of him I don’t know if this was a prank or real. We totally run away from him, his moves were so real. He walks toward Lucang and strangel him. I don’t know what to do, but just shout at him “quit your acting Kono Natsuke, this is not fun… You’re scaring us for real, ” he didn’t listen, but looks at Lucang with hatred as if he wants to kill him in this instance. Katsumi comes to rescue Lucang he bites Nasuke hands and Nasuke screaming out of annoyance and let go. Lucang hold his neck with tears down his cheeks and I hold Lucang and check him if he was okay,  We all were so scared with what just happen, we all called back he was posses, suddenly he shouted at Katsumi “Mother fucker why did you bite me as if I am a food?”, Katsumi walks away from him afraid he will be is the next target. We all look at Nasuke with strange eyed. Then he laughs and said “Ah, I am a good player right! I scared you all, even you Jin, who ask me to manage this” then I feels my heartbeats to normal only after I learned that it was a prank he did to us.

Lacing stands up and bang at the door mad at Nasuke and me, he was about to report us for attempting to kill him. Nasuke keeps convincing it was just a prank, he never intended to hurt Lucang for real, I just want to scare you all. I was nearly to stop, but Katsumi jumps in. Playing the hero.

LUCANG with his red eyes look at us”you all planning this? Katsumi says he doesn’t know about  the trick. I too told him I knew about the prank, but he did not tell me what he is going to perform. I also was a victim  just now. I am out of my mental capacity.

Natsuke was angry at me, he said so I am the spoiled one, after you ask me to do it!. I was raging about him for his dangerous prank. So the next few hours we don’t talk but simply look at each other. We all believe he is crazy, why did he do that? As if he wants to slay someone.

To smash the silence between us I speak and said no more pranks from now on, I don’t want our stupid games to bring us into a fight which can hurt us.

I try my best to make Lucang forgive me, I told him, I do anything he desires.. But after he calms down, he forgives me and warn me if I ever hurt him again he will walk away from me.
After I am coming out of my shower, I saw Lucang was sleeping on my bed with his phone in his hand, I play with his smooth soft hair and bowed down and kissed his lips, he opened his eyes and shock, I smile and told him “I know you just pretending to sleep” I hand him a tissue just in case he wants to wipe his lips after what I did to him. He dint wiped his lips, he ask me “are you gay?” I look at him and said “No! I am not, ” he asks me again” Fuck! Why did you kiss me then?” I say “I merely want to wake you up with my surprise attacked… do you hate it?” He said “I have never kissed a guy  before”  I smiled and said I am your first. He got his jacket and about to walk out from my room. “You afraid of me Lucang?” “Hell No! I am not, but this is improper. We shouldn’t do this.” “YOU DIDN’T I DID IT,” he says again “it’s late, I have to go back”I ask him to stay with me for a night “After a few seconds of hesitation, he agreed to stay a night with me in my room. I told him to have a warm shower as I want to massage his aching body from inducing a long trip and playing out the whole day. “Don’t be afraid Lucang I will apply it gently, I promise I wouldn’t root for any prank on you.

I pulled him over the bed and needed him to lie down as I am going to massage his aching body. I put massages oil on his white smooth skin, I make sure he doesn’t feel any pain but only enjoying my skill. I ask him if he wants me to move further. He turned completely red and I slid my hands into his crevice, I pour more oil to his dick and massage it with my hand, he loves it. I Kiss him while touching him there. I let my tongue inside his mouth, we flirt with our tongue.

He was afraid to touch me at first, I needed his hand inside my pants. I feel his shaky hand,  I kissed and lick his erected brown, reddish nipples  and my hand playing his manhood, his hot manhood becomes bigger in my hand and erected and ready to go inside me, I am kissing and lick his lower part and lick the tip of his mushroom manhood, We dint have sex, we just play with our hands and oral cavity.

In the morning after

I told Natsuke, about Lucang spending his night with me, I see jealousy in Natsuke face, he was not happy, His attitude shows it, he don’t want my boyfriend to get tighter to me. I understand he is trying to make trouble I talk to him through texting I told him “don’t make my boyfriend uncomfortable”, then I told  him to hang out with Katsumi while me and my Boyfriend going for a date.
Three months later, Lucang wants to break up with me, he avoids me, because of Nasuke. I don’t know what Nasuke told him.
Out of anger I grab a heavy ashtray  that was near me and cast it at  Natsuke with it for spoiling my relationship. I don’t intend to make him  injured, he was bleeding a lot from his forehead. I cried for help and beg him for forgiveness.  He holds his bleeding forehead and didn’t say anything I carry him to the hospital along with his uncle. His uncle keeps asking how did this hap to you? I was afraid if he told him my parents will find out and I am going to be in great troubles. Natsuke look at me and knew exactly  what I am vexed about.  He looks up at his uncle, he said he hit his head himself out of wrat, His uncle scolded him and  bade his family in Japan to let them know he is a troublemaker and he is going to send him to stay with his brother as he can’t look after a crazy boy like him. He told them Natsuke has acted weird lately and he can’t look after him.
Nasuke going back to his nation, he quit his study in Seoul and Lucang move to L.A.  Katsumi after doing his second surgery he joins some students training, I don’t know what exactly it was, he too has something with Natsuke probably he wants to forget. Only one thing I know for sure that our love don’t last long we  all become strangers.

The end